Jomo Connect enables applications to easily verify user data from various onchain or offchain sources via zero knowledge proof without getting user's raw data exposed to anyone.


Use Cases

The private VC verification framework enables users to use their private data and get benefits by proving they qualify for them, without revealing any tangible private information.

Example use cases include proving that:

  • I have donated to Gitcoin in total value of X (private information: all addresses I own)

  • Smart contracts I deployed over different chains have acquired activities of amount Y (private information: all addresses I own)

  • My Github repositories have a total stars of Z (private information: my github handle)

  • I have worked at company A for > B years (private information: who I am)

  • Owns a house valued > $1M (private information: my home address, house value)

Example Experience

  • User is redirected to Jomo Connect when you try to verify the private information of a user

  • User connects to the corresponding data source and have Jomo generate a private VC for them.

  • Jomo Connect frontend generates zero knowledge proof based on the user's private VC

  • You receive the zero knowledge proof and associated additional data

  • You verify the proof and additional data are valid with Jomo Connect Smart Contract or Backend

  • (Optional) Jomo Connect backend verifies the proof and share with you the validness of the proof and any corresponding results via a callback or subsequent API calls

  • You customize the UX based on the result

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