Prepare the following to integrate with Jomo


Prepare the following information before the Jomo Connect verification happens.

  • verification type - Indicates the conditions you would like your users to satisfy. Our infrastructure allows you to verify aggregated data from multiple wallets owned by the same user. E.g. Verify the user has a punk (usually in a cold wallet) as well as the user has made >100 transactions (usually in a hot wallet). Choose from a set of pre-existing types, or talk with Jomo team about your specific requirements so we can build out a new type for you.

  • flow id - Create your verification flow or chat with the Jomo team to create one for you. Within the flow definition you will then specify the verification type being run, and other details

  • public account id - Every time a verification is initiated, in addition to the flow_id, Jomo also requests the caller to pass in a public_account_id. This is the identifier we will bind verification results to for easy query access later. You choose your own unique identifier schemes to be the public account id, we don't have to understand it.

  • [optional] redirect uri - The URL to be redirected to after the Jomo Connect verification completes

  • [optional] callback uri - The URL where Jomo Connect will post verification results to when it's completed

  • jomo api key - You will get this from Jomo, so you can then use this to query completed verifications any time

Pre Redirect Page

Your team will prepare this page where you present to your users what offers or benefits will be provided for passing the verification, the criterias, any additional information, and a primary CTA to redirect the user to Jomo's verification flow.

Post Redirect Page

Your team will prepare this page that corresponds to the redirectURI provided to Jomo. On this page you will either be pooling Jomo backend for results corresponding to a public_account_id, or listening to callbacks coming from Jomo backend.

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